Dr. Michael Omidi, MD, FACS

Dr. Michael Omidi is a skilled Los Angeles cosmetic surgeon who has extensive experience helping patients achieve the look they desire. Dr. Omidi has dedicated his life to providing patients with exceptional care and professional results on a variety of cosmetic procedures. We invite you to explore the links below, and discover the wide array of plastic surgery treatment options available for both men and women.

Facial Surgery

Dr. Michael Omidi proudly offers some of the most comprehensive facial surgery options in Los Angeles. From Facelifts to Rhinoplasty, Dr. Omidi can help you achieve a natural, youthful appearance.

Breast Surgery

Whether you are looking to enhance, reconstruct, reduce, lift or augment your bust, Dr. Omidi specializes in providing you with a natural and professional look you’ll be happy with.

Body Surgery

Dr. Omidi offers patients a variety of options to help shape, sculpt, and tone the body you have always dreamed of having.

For Men

Dr. Omidi specializes in the latest and most popular cosmetic procedures for male patients.